Heating & Cooling

The HVAC Heroes

In a quiet and picturesque corner of the world known as the Bayside area, a new day dawned, bringing with it a shimmer of hope, a whiff of fresh, conditioned air, and the birth of legends. Little did the residents know, three unsung heroes were about to emerge from the shadows, ready to wage war […]


Misguided House Tour

When Sir Reginald Pomp declared he was hosting a housewarming at his new ‘modest’ home on the Mornington Peninsula, the billionaire echelons were abuzz with intrigue. For in their world, the idea of simplicity was as foreign as a life without caviar. Guests in haute couture streamed into Sir Reginald’s residence, prepared for a quiet […]

Steel supplies

My Steel Obsession

I fell into the building industry because it is in my blood. That might sound weird, but I believe building truly is in my blood. I come from a long line of builders. My dad was a builder, his dad was a builder, my great-granddad was a builder, and all their brothers were builders. To […]

Community Nursing

Disability Support Burn

As my sister came flying off her skateboard, I swear my first instinct wasn’t to laugh. First, I felt a pang of concern, worried that she’d hurt herself. Followed very, very quickly by my instinct to laugh. ‘Oh shut up,’ Kira growled at me, wincing as she climbed back to her feet, hobbling to pick […]


Mechanical Life Advice

I cracked my neck as I got in the car – a terrible habit I’d picked up from my dad. He always did it, cracked his neck right as he got into the driver’s seat. Thinking back to our long road trips, the endless school pick-ups and drop-offs, I made a mental note to kick […]


Needing An Architect

My life has been thrown into a bit of a spinner. I had all these plans for my life including the rough timeline my life would follow, and it has been completely thrown out the window. I thought that in less than two years’ time, my boyfriend and I would be well on our way […]

Air Conditioning

The Attic Air

I held up a hand, and my small band of adventurers froze, glancing nervously around the dark, cobwebbed hole we’d stumbled into. ‘Careful now,’ I whispered. ‘We’re close to it.’ ‘How can you tell?’ asked the youngest member of the party, a small girl with wide eyes. ‘It’s the sound,’ I said, dropping to a […]


Boat Repair Call

A few weeks after the incident with the shark – where we nearly lost the boat – Davies gave me a call. I briefly considered ignoring it, but since I’d forced him to do all the repairs I figured I should probably hear how it was going. ‘Sink any of my boats lately?’ I answered […]


Learning From Documentaries

Today I watched a documentary about common medical procedures. I’m not sure why I watched it, but it happened to be on the television when I was eating dinner, and I figured I would take the time to learn something new. The main section of the documentary I watched was about shoulders, and all the […]


Precautionary Car Service

You’re not going to believe this, but I’m at a car service again. This time, at least, it’s not because of any actual issues with my vehicle. After my trip to Adelaide, I was ready to settle back into my normal routine of being mad at my publisher for not letting me keep writing my […]