Air Conditioning

The Attic Air

I held up a hand, and my small band of adventurers froze, glancing nervously around the dark, cobwebbed hole we’d stumbled into.       ‘Careful now,’ I whispered. ‘We’re close to it.’       ‘How can you tell?’ asked the youngest member of the party, a small girl with wide eyes.       ‘It’s the sound,’ I said, […]


Boat Repair Call

A few weeks after the incident with the shark – where we nearly lost the boat – Davies gave me a call. I briefly considered ignoring it, but since I’d forced him to do all the repairs I figured I should probably hear how it was going.          ‘Sink any of my boats lately?’ I […]


Learning From Documentaries

Today I watched a documentary about common medical procedures. I’m not sure why I watched it, but it happened to be on the television when I was eating dinner, and I figured I would take the time to learn something new. The main section of the documentary I watched was about shoulders, and all the […]


Precautionary Car Service

You’re not going to believe this, but I’m at a car service again. This time, at least, it’s not because of any actual issues with my vehicle. After my trip to Adelaide, I was ready to settle back into my normal routine of being mad at my publisher for not letting me keep writing my […]


Tattoo Magic

“How does this work, then? Living underground?” Lorenzo had many questions about how this would happen, but he figured Gideon would only have patience for a few. Gideon led Lorenzo through a tunnel, light shining up ahead indicating its eventual end. “Essentials are chosen first, followed by the more… disposable workers. The cavern for New […]


His New Boat

‘Wow,’ I nodded approvingly as Jase gave me a tour of his new boat. ‘It’s nice.’          ‘It’s not just nice, man,’ Jase nodded, goofy grin plastered to his face. ‘It’s radical!’          ‘Right,’ I frowned. ‘My mistake.’          Jase busied himself with the heavy ropes tying his new toy to the dock and I […]

Buyer's Advocate

Never Buying Property

I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to buy a property in Malvern like I wanted to. It’s been a year now since I started saving for a home and I’ve got $20,000 saved up. In my opinion, that’s a massive amount of money to have saved in one year, but it’s […]


Optometry Office Visit

‘Hmmmm,’ the man in the white coat pressed a hand to his chin, leaning back in his chair. My daughter smiled around the room, kicking her feet back and forth to alleviate her boredom.          ‘Tell me the truth, doc,’ I whispered, wishing I had someone else with me so I could send Jessica out […]


Ute Tray Arrival

‘Woo!’ I yelled, as the rush of air hit me in the tray of the ute.          ‘Did you make it?’ Teg asked, his concern obvious even over the crackly walkie-talkie connection and the roar of the wind.          ‘I’m on the back of the ute!’ I called back. ‘Now I just have to make […]


Unplanned Bathroom Renovation

I rolled over in bed, pressing the pillow over my head.          No, not again. Not again!          The house lay still. My wife stirred next to me. I relaxed slightly. Maybe I’d just imagined it. Maybe there wasn’t actually a—          Drip.          Dammit!          I leapt out of bed and stormed into the […]