Your New Local Bookstore



The Lido

The Lido is your new local bookstore, tucked away in our little slice of heaven (where the big chains can’t touch us!).

If you feel like book-buying has gotten too corporate and impersonal these last few years, well… so do we. That’s why we built this place, to bring the magic back to the book-buying experience! While we can’t promise that we’ll always have the new-release book you’re after, we do promise that when you walk through our wide-open doors you’ll be treated like a person in need of a good read.Our friendly staff are scarily knowledgeable and have a broad range of reading experience, meaning we’ll always be able to point you towards something we think you’ll love. 

We may only be one story tall, but we’re packed-to-bursting with stories to tell!

The Lido Book Club

But what if you don’t love it – great! Books are about learning, exploring, expressing and understanding yourself through a shared art. With that in mind, we run a monthly Lido Book Club where – for once – it doesn’t matter if you’ve read the book! We just want to talk about the thing that we love, swapping stories and recommendations, arguing over the finer points of literature and/or who took the last biscuit. 

Come and join us, why don’t you!? The first Tuesday of every month!