My Steel Obsession

I fell into the building industry because it is in my blood. That might sound weird, but I believe building truly is in my blood. I come from a long line of builders. My dad was a builder, his dad was a builder, my great-granddad was a builder, and all their brothers were builders. To be honest, it works well having so many family members within the building industry. I always have a brother, a cousin or an uncle I can reach out to for assistance on a job. 

For me, my relationship with building is more than just a family connection. It’s about innovation and creativity. I treat every building project with an open mind. I love seeing how we can experiment and take things to the next level. One innovation in building that I’m loving is the use of steel in building construction. I’ve been doing lots of research on steel beams. Melbourne has many buildings and it turns out that steel is starting to be used more frequently.

I’m quite a fan of using steel in construction. Steel is so much more durable than timber. People often think that using steel is a new innovation, but steel has actually been used globally for construction since before the 20th century. Train stations were among the first structures to commonly use steel. Then eventually the use of steel expanded into churches and other buildings. Personally, I’m here for it.

I only get my steel from the best steel fabricators Melbourne has to offer. I want my steel to be strong, sturdy and reliable. I didn’t get into the building industry to build structures that are weak, that would only let down my father and his father before him. I’m in the building industry to be the best, and I know the formula of how to achieve this. The secret to being the best is being willing to be open to new ideas and new ways to do things. Without this openness, you can’t grow. Without growth, there’s never improvement.