Precautionary Car Service

You’re not going to believe this, but I’m at a car service again. This time, at least, it’s not because of any actual issues with my vehicle. After my trip to Adelaide, I was ready to settle back into my normal routine of being mad at my publisher for not letting me keep writing my amazing novel. That was when I found out I had to travel up to Queensland for a family emergency! So I hopped back into my car and started the long drive up to the Sunshine State. And I know what you’re thinking at this point, but no, I’m not at a car service shop close to Bankstown because my car broke down! I’ll get to that soon, though.

It turns out that this “family emergency” was actually an elaborate ruse to get me up there so that my family could throw me a surprise birthday party. While I appreciate the gesture, it is a little annoying that I had to drive over twenty hours away for my own birthday party. Not really sure why they didn’t think that through. And the whole time I was driving, I was worried about my supposedly sick grandma! It feels almost more like a terrible prank with a fun party at the end, rather than a nice surprise. If it’s the thought that counts, what does that mean when people haven’t really thought something through at all?

Anyway, before heading back down to Victoria, I figured I should probably get a diesel service to make sure my car can survive the journey, given its recent history. I don’t want to get halfway to Dubbo and find out that my car isn’t going to make it. That could be disastrous. So now I’m at this Bankstown auto shop, waiting for the service to be done so that I can start on the long journey back home. Who knows, maybe by the time I return, my publisher will have approved for me to continue writing my novel. I can only hope that’s the case.