About Us / Our Mission

The Lido is a long-time dream and now the reality of us: Peggy and Diane!

We used to be full-time mums (now empty nesters) who used to look forward to escaping the daily grind with a good book and a chat with our girlfriends in the local bookstore and its lovely cafe. But it was only when that bookstore was closed down – bought up by a big chain who decided it wasn’t “profitable” to keep it open – and we realised just how important it had been to us.

So, our mission from Day One with The Lido wasn’t just to run a “profitable” bookstore (yes, it can be done!), but to bring the magic back to bookstores. The big chains have done their best to swamp the market and kick us smaller independent stores out. Well, they don’t know that we have a secret weapon – you!

People like you are why we do what we do; people who love books and stories and storytelling, gathering to discuss (in a whisper!) what it is that captures our imagination so vividly.