Unfortunate Aircon Situation

I was listening to the radio and eating a trio of dips this afternoon while driving my car. I know that it’s not good to eat and drive and I have definitely learnt my lesson. Not only am I currently covered in a trio of dips as a result of eating and driving, I have also accidentally got some dip inside my car’s air conditioning. How? Good question.  

What happened was I was really invested in my dip. I was up to the spicy capsicum dip after having eaten the French onion and hummus. Spicy capsicum is my favourite which is why I left it to last. It was the spicy capsicum’s fault that I now need a car aircon repair. The dip was so good that I kind of forgot that I was driving and when I looked up I was about to drive into the car in front of me. I didn’t realise that the car in front of me had stopped at the red traffic light and by the time I noticed, I had to slam my brakes on so hard that the dip came out of the container, all over my dashboard and into my open air conditioner vent.

How am I going to explain this debacle to my local mechanic? In the Deception Bay area mechanics take their jobs very seriously and whoever I show my unfortunate car aircon situation to is going to be very shocked. They might even be disappointed about the lack of care I have for my car. I hate when people are disappointed in me so that would be a really bad outcome. 

Anyway, I have to call the mechanic now. I’m hoping that I can visit an op shop to buy a new outfit before my appointment with the mechanic. It’s embarrassing enough that I need a car aircon repair because I got spicy capsicum dip inside of it. It would be even worse if I was covered in the dip also.