Secret Glass Mission

When my employee, who I had sent on a secret mission about a year before, finally messaged me, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that they had achieved the mission. I sent them on it thinking it would be impossible and that they would never return. There are a lot of legalities surrounding firing people in my country that make it almost impossible to do so.

This worker was mediocre at best but I couldn’t fire them without opening myself up to countless lawsuits, so I bought them a one way ticket to Barbados and told them to find the best residential and commercial glazing company in the world. I gave them a long list of requirements that needed to be fulfilled for the glass balustrade to truly be the best and it related to things like thickness of glass, the way the balustrade was made, how helpful the company was that served them and more. I won’t bore you with all the details because they were for my employee only. I needed the secret mission to look and seem real so that my employee would leave me forever.

Now that you know this information, I’m sure you can understand my utter surprise when my employee turned up for work this morning with information on the company that they believe is the best in the world at creating glass balustrades. Near the Melbourne CBD is where my employee said they found the company. I can’t believe my employee went all the way to Australia for this fake secret mission. I’ve never even been to Australia. 

You should hear just how much my employee is ranting and raving about this balustrade company. It’s like they feel like their life mission is complete. The sense of achievement my employee feels is oozing out of them and I can’t help but feel somewhat bad that I don’t care about the results of the mission in the slightest.