I Hate My Car

I am so so upset. My birthday was absolutely ruined by my parents who didn’t get me a new car as a gift as they had always promised. Last night around the time of my birthday speeches, my parents drove right up to the venue and started honking. My parents weren’t actually invited to my party because I’m an adult now and I don’t need my parents overseeing everything that I do, so it was so embarrassing that they decided to come anyway. It made matters worse that they came during speeches which is when all my friends and my boyfriend were taking it in turns saying nice things about me.  

I’m sure you’re all wondering what happened next. Well, instead of at least crashing my party by driving up in my brand new car, they crashed my party in a car that looked like absolute scrap metal. The car is old, ugly and to be honest, just genuinely embarrassing. I was expecting to take my car to a new car mechanic today but instead I’m going to have to take it to a mechanic specialising in wheel alignment. Hobart second hand cars always need some sort of work done before they can even be legally driven and I’m certain my parents didn’t get the car any sort of repairs before they gave it to me.

When I saw the car, I let out an uncontrollable cry. Everyone at the party who had come outside  to see the commotion was shocked at the noise I had made. They were also shocked at the state of the car and agreed that it is in desperate need of a visit to the mechanic. Near the Hobart city centre there are only a handful of mechanics who would be able to service a car as old and as bad as mine. I am truly lost for words. My parents lied to me about my twenty-first present for years.