Time For Holidays

We’ll be at the docks in fifteen minutes. That’s fifteen minutes until we’re officially on our holiday, far far away from anything that may worry us. What a luxury. I’m glad my wife is driving because I don’t have enough patience to deal with the drive right now. I’d probably be going sixty in a forty just because I’m so eager to get to our boat.

If you haven’t kept up on my blog recently then you wouldn’t be aware so I’ll recap – my wife and I are going away for eleven days. We’re going back to our roots and sailing our boat to an undisclosed destination. We’re going to fish off the side of the boat to keep ourselves fed and only return to civilisation when we absolutely need to. 

I’ve also completely redone the boat to ensure our safety and comfort. You should see just how good our new bow rails look. The boat looks great and they’re really nice and sturdy so they’ll help prevent us from falling off, not that something like that would ever happen. Essentially the boat we purchased when we were just two young kids in love is now going to take us on one of the best holidays we’ve ever been on. And we’re only four minutes away from making our dream come true. 

When I get back, I’d like one of you to remind me to say thank you to the company that installed our new boat latch. Melbourne installers are traditionally the best in the business, but this company was even better. I feel bad because I said personalised thank you notes to every other company that made some sort of change to my boat, but I forgot to say thank you to the boat latch people in my haste to go on holidays. Oh well. I’ll thank them in eleven days. Bye for now! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!