Glasses for Lucy

I bounced Lucy on my knee as I scrolled through my social media, occasionally squeezing her so she knew I wasn’t totally disinterested in her.

‘Good morning!’ my husband walked in with a smile, kissing Lucy on the top of her head. He walked over to the fridge and pulled the doors open. ‘How are my two favourite girls doing?’

‘Do you think Lucy needs glasses?’ I asked.

The fridge doors slowly closed shut.


‘Glasses,’ I repeated. ‘Do you think Lucy needs them?’

‘Why would Lucy need them?’

‘To help her… see?’

He shook his head. ‘You want to put her in glasses so you can post about it, don’t you?’

My mouth fell open in shock. ‘How dare you?!’

He raised an eyebrow at me.

‘Alright, fine,’ I relented. ‘But wouldn’t she be so cute?’

‘I’m not making an appointment with a trained optometrist around the Bayside area just so you can get a few likes on your feed.’

‘Don’t be silly,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘They’re hearts, not likes.’

‘No, Gloria,’ he shook his head. ‘We’re not doing it.’

‘Fine,’ I sighed, slumping back on the couch.

‘Do babies even need glasses?’ he asked, pulling out the milk for his coffee.

‘How am I supposed to know?’

‘Wait, you didn’t even look that up?’

‘Why would I?’

‘You were trying to convince me we should make a children’s optometrist appointment and you didn’t even know if it was a thing?’

‘I guess not,’ I frowned. ‘But Jacinta just posted a photo of Lilac in glasses, so I assumed it was something that she needed.’

‘Lilac is two months old!’


‘So her eyes haven’t even focused yet!’

‘Wait, really?’

Lucy interrupted us with a giggle, and we both paused to look at her. She reached towards my face with a huge grin, scrunching up her hands.

‘Aww,’ we both sighed, looking at our daughter.

‘Da-da!’ she laughed, reaching for me. My eyes widened, and I looked back at my husband.

‘Maybe she does need glasses,’ he muttered.