The Bedside Table

Christmas holidays means more time to work on my hobbies! I’ve always wanted to start woodworking but I’ve never really had the money or time to add that to my hobbies list. However, now that I have a full time job, that’s no longer a concern of mine. I have lots of extra income, and even leisure time on the weekends! The Christmas season is basically all of that good stuff, but tripled.

This morning I even visited a hardware supplies store. Bayside has a number of these, but with all my extra income, I was able to go to the best. I spoke to the friendly and professional shop assistant, who told me everything I would need to know about woodworking supplies and even directed me to the aisles where I could find each supply we had discussed. I was surprised to find my potential woodworking hobby is going to be a lot more affordable than I had originally thought!

For my first project, I want to build a bedside table. At the moment, I’m using a cardboard box, which I think is pretty sad. I’ve drawn up pictures of what I want the bedside table to look like, including things like drawers and knobs and a mini-bookshelf. It’s even going to have a section where I can organise all my cords that plug into the power outlets just behind where the table is going to go. I decided to use this specific type of wood grown in Cheltenham – bone timber. It is really sturdy. I think it’s important to support small businesses like that, especially ones that grow their trees in a transparent and sustainable way. I know that if this wood stains correctly and is as easy to cut and work with as the hardware store shop assistant said, then I am definitely going to go back and purchase some more.