Stubborn Blocked Drain

‘Come on, you’ve been trying for hours,’ Adam groaned from the bathroom door. ‘Let’s just get some sleep.’

‘I know what get some sleep is code for,’ Lily poked her head out from under the sink to frown at him.

‘Yes,’ Adam nodded enthusiastically. ‘It’s code for call a plumber already!

‘I don’t need to,’ Lily wiped her brow. ‘I can fix this.’

‘It’s just a stupid sink,’ Adam said. ‘Why do you even care?’

‘I care because I should be able to fix it,’ she shot back. ‘It’s just a sink, right?’

‘Nobody will think less of you for finding a plumber who can fix blocked drains. In my area, we ask for help all the time.’

‘I get it, you’re a doctor,’ Lily rolled her eyes. ‘You don’t have to keep bringing it up.’

‘I wasn’t—’ Adam cut himself off with a measured breath. ‘You don’t need to prove anything.’

‘Don’t I?’ Lily slammed her tools down on the tiles. ‘Are you sure?’

‘Of course not!’ Adam shouted back. ‘Honey!’ he added quickly.

‘Well, you make me feel like I do,’ she said. ‘You’re always bringing it up to people.’

‘Like when?’

‘Like when they ask you what you do.’

Adam blinked at her slowly. ‘Is there… is there another way I should respond to that question?’

‘Tell them you do crocheting or something.’

‘I don’t!

‘Would it kill you to start?!

As if on cue, the pipe burst and began spraying water into the bathroom.

‘You know what,’ Lily shouted over the hiss of the escaping water. ‘Maybe it is time to look into the best plumbing companies Melbourne has to offer. You know, just for a consult.’

‘Right,’ Adam nodded supportively. ‘A consult.’

‘Couldn’t hurt.’

They both burst out laughing, chasing each other outside to get to the water main and turn it off.

‘Well,’ Adam sighed. ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Can we get some sleep please?’

‘Yeah,’ Lily nodded. ‘Let’s do that.’