Mechanic City Liberated

When the bloody work was over, the Little Men looked over the city of New Hobart from what had once been the mayor’s office.

“Can we take these stupid things off now?” asked one of them.

The other nodded. “Our work is done. The Ivory Skull is no more, and these people are free. We have no need to hide our faces anymore.”

Together, they removed the bandages that covered them head to toe, preventing their foes from knowing what they truly faced. Soon enough, the small creatures looked at each other through the faint reflection in the glass window before them. A goblin and a kobold.

“It’s absolutely wild that we gained superpowers because of the explosion all those years ago,” Cosmo said, placing a clawed hand on his friend’s shoulder. “With them, we have liberated the people of this land, plagued by those bandits for so long. We have finished a great work today, Perd.”

The small goblin shook his head. “I don’t know, Cosmo. I can’t shake what that person said – the one with the enemy strike force from an auto electrician shop near Cambridge.”

“You are not the heroes you think you are,” Cosmo quoted. “I remember it well. I can see how from their perspective, it appears that way. But the truth is, these people are free now. Free to do whatever they want with their lives. They can go to the movies, they can travel and start a new town, and they can get a suspension service for their car. All without being threatened by the Ivory Skull.”

“I suppose so,” said Perd, shoulders slumped.

“If you doubt it, let’s go see the people we have freed. Let’s see for ourselves how grateful they are that we have freed them. Hear about how life was living under the Ivory Skull’s fist. I guarantee you’ll feel better about it afterwards.”

And so, together, Cosmo and Perd began to make for the streets of New Hobart, where they would discover just how welcome their liberation was.