Tattoo Of My Baby

As I stare at my gorgeous baby’s face, I know that becoming a parent is the best choice I’ve ever made. I’m a single mother and I decided to have a baby through IVF. I am financially stable and secure enough in my career to take time off work to look after my newborn in these early months. Once it’s time to return to work, I’ll be able to hire a nanny to look after my child full time. I will still be completely present in my child’s life, but I will also be earning a living to ensure my child has the best possible future and every opportunity afforded to him.

Because I am so in love with the child that I have created, I’m going to get their name tattooed on me by a Japanese tattooist. Operating in the Brisbane CBD, this Japanese tattooist is known for being the most accurate and ensuring the highest attention to detail possible. I am going to get my child’s name down the side of my body. That way I am always carrying my child with me, but because I live in Australia not many people will be able to read what it says on the odd occasion that I’m only wearing a bikini. 

I am really excited to visit the leading tattoo shop in Brisbane. My son is my greatest achievement, which is saying something as I have achieved a lot professionally and personally in my life. I know that I was born to be a mother and I can’t wait for the future that my son and I are going to have together. He is the light of my life. I will protect him no matter what and do everything that I can to ensure he has the best life possible. When he grows old, I’m going to make sure that he looks back on his childhood and knows how much he was loved.