Lava Office

With the robot laser tag challenge defeated, Maphira and Vai quickly found the exit to the ruined office, heading through the doors and putting away their equipment.

“What’s he got planned for us next, then?” Maphira said, ready to head into the next challenge.

“Probably something stupid,” Vai responded, joining Maphira.

Together they headed through the doorway, into another dark office. A strange, orange glow seemed to pulse through the carpet. Suddenly the floor began to retract, revealing a massive pool of lava beneath the carpet. Office furniture began to fall into the lava, although strangely, it did not burn. Somehow, it had all been lava-proofed. 

“Hot lava?” Vai said. “Wow, he really is going all Octopus Game. Credit where it’s due, though, at least he’s coming up with different game types than the ones in the show.”

Maphira cracked her knuckles. “We’ll be fine with this one. You’re looking at the five-times hot lava champion in primary school.”

It was a shame that all the office furniture and supplies had been tossed into the lava, though. From the brief glimpse Maphira had, she’d been able to tell that it had taken the best business for commercial office fitouts Melbourne had to offer to get this done so well.

Surveying the lava pool and its new platforms, Maphira considered the best path to get to the exit, which was just on the other side of the office. As long as they mostly stuck to the larger furniture, they’d be fine. Luckily for them, modern office interior design around Melbourne involved a lot of furniture, meaning they had plenty of platforms to move along.

Without thinking about it much further, Maphira ensured she had a good run-up, then stepped across four platforms with quick speed, before landing on a couch floating on the lava. She waved for Vai to follow, but the woman stood still.

Vai grinned, then leaned down and put her hand in the lava.