Irregular Driver

Driving my car has never been my favourite thing to do. I moved to a share house in Adelaide for one year a couple of years ago and I never even brought my car with me. The public transport near me was just really good and it gave me an excuse to not have to drive. People thought I was absolutely crazy that I moved out of home and didn’t bother to take my car with me. And you know what, maybe it is crazy. But my friends have to get periodic wheel alignment services which cost them money and I don’t have to get them, so who’s the real winner here?

I guess if you asked them they’d probably say that they’re still the winners. I would personally disagree with them, but I guess each to their own. 

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I have to start driving my car again. At the moment I’m the proud owner of a car that I never drive but going forward I’ll be the proud owner of a car that I like to drive occasionally. How cool? Please note the sarcasm. 

After I pick my car up from my parents’ house, I’m going to take it to the local mechanic. My mum told me that she thinks I might be in need of a car air conditioning regas. Local to Adelaide there are plenty of mechanic shops that perform this type of regas service, but I’m going to go to the one closest to my house. I don’t want to drive all over the city for a service that can be done close to my home. Just because I am starting to drive again doesn’t mean that I actually want to be doing so. 

Anyway, I’m going to go and book my car in for a regas now. When I’m driving I need to be at the most comfortable temperature possible or I’ll get stressed.