Bathroom Appreciation Post

I absolutely love my new house. It has three bathrooms. Did you hear that?! THREE. For a four-bedroom house. That’s almost one bathroom per person and in a house of all girls, it’s an absolute blessing. There’s only been a couple of occasions where I’ve had to wait to use the shower or the toilet, which is pretty much unheard of when you live in a sharehouse. Put simply, life is really good. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I have two groups of people to thank: 

  1. My incredible housemates
  2. The expert bathroom designers operating in Melbourne

Like, I can’t believe they did such a good job. Every bathroom is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The downstairs bathroom is also used by guests and it has a vanity with storage, a toilet and a shower neatly compact into the space. There’s a shower nook in the wall where we can store all our shower products, to help make sure the bathroom doesn’t look cluttered or messy. The upstairs bathroom has a separate toilet and shower. The powder room has really impressive bench space and plenty of storage space underneath it, once again so that everything can be neatly tucked away.

The actual bathroom has a massive shower with one of those rain-style showerheads. When I shower in it, I feel more relaxed than I’ve ever felt in my life. And wow, you should see the bath next to it. It’s free-standing, big enough to fit several people if you wanted to (although I don’t know why anyone would want to share).

I don’t really spend any time in the ensuite which is attached to the master bedroom, but it’s extremely spacious, has two vanities, a large shower and of course a very modern toilet. Our landlord must have chosen the best bathroom designers Melbourne has to offer when she built her house. We’re honestly lucky to be her tenants.