Garden woes

For a long time I have looked at my next doors neighbours backyard with envy. They have a perfectly manicured lawn with lush flower beds flanking either side. Their deck looks like it is polished and sanded every night, and their trees are always trimmed to perfection. At one point I seriously believed they hired some kind of silent midnight gardening team who came in and every night and stealthily pruned and planted before sunrise. I may have become a little carried away here. I decided it was time to take action so I cajoled my two sons into escorting me to the garden centre. I needed them to carry all the heavy pots and fertiliser bags. They told me I need to get a life and stop competing with the neighbours, I don’t think they understand the demands of suburban life on a middle aged woman! We bought some amazing Brindabella roses online that should do just that trick in beaming our happiness into next door’s garden. 

I even found some lovely garden tools and bought two sets so my boys can help me dig and plant. That will probably take some bribery but I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get my little garden army into action. I have looked into having some palm trees planted but it would require some rather heavy duty upheaval of land and I fear that may be taking the competition slightly too far. I did however invest in some new garden furniture which I have made the boys promise they will go and collect as soon as they are done planting my Iceberg roses. When my husband asked me why I had spent $600 on garden supplies I told him he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out if he wants to be a winner or a loser. He quite rightly told me I need to spend less time in the house, more specifically, less time spying on next doors garden antics.