A Relaxing Drive

I have always thought that driving was relaxing, until my car broke down. Last Friday, I was driving to work in peak hour. It’s not exactly a long drive – only about fifteen minutes – but a couple of minutes in I noticed my car was beginning to fail on me. It was struggling to move from a brake position, so I decided to pull over to the side of the road to check it out, and perhaps call the nearest mechanic to Bentleigh. But then, when I had found one on my phone and tried to drive again, my car wouldn’t even start! What was I meant to do in this situation?

I have no idea how cars work, and I barely understand the concept of insurance. Anyway, I eventually called the roadside assist number and my car was towed from the side of the road. It was so embarrassing! Everybody kept looking into my windows as they drove by, and I ended up getting out and standing on the nature strip to wait. I got in the tow truck and we drove to the nearest auto electrical shop. Bentleigh has a few mechanics around, but this particular shop was the closest and also happened to be the most affordable. I guess that was the highlight of my day: affordability.

The mechanic at the shop was friendly and professional, which meant that the work was able to be completed while I was still waiting at the shop, and long before I started getting bored. Apparently, the cause of the failure was a simple electrical issue that actually happens quite frequently and is one of the most common reasons cars get brought into their shop. All it took to fix was a part replacement using a good quality material from a leading brand, and then a bit of repair work on the edges of the part. And then it was complete! I thanked the mechanic and the tow truck driver for their services, and then went on my way. Definitely not my most relaxing drive!