Solar Energy Fight

As Robot Cole and Bender began to fight on the other side of the white room, Maphira helped Vai out of the cage. When Maphira got on the ground herself, she grabbed Rylee’s wheelchair and began heading for the exit.

A laser flew over their heads, Dr Con Dew Ratroti opening fire. Vai turned back and said, “Get her out of here. I’ll be close behind.”

Maphira nodded, and Vai silently wished her old friend luck. Hopefully, they could all get out of this one alive.

Vai charged across the room at Dr Con, throwing off his aim. “I spent days looking into solar financing for you and your schemes, and this is how you repay me?”

The leader of the Conclave of Mechanists laughed, tossing aside his laser blaster and throwing his own fists at Vai. Vai ducked under one blow, then came up and delivered her own to his ribs. Meanwhile, Cole and Bender went at it like wrestlers, slamming each other into the ground.

“You expect me to forgive you for your betrayal?” Dr Con said, panting for breath and coming around with a kick toward Vai’s stomach. “You may have saved the Conclave a lot of money with your government solar rebate for businesses loophole, but your failure at the first Bender test is unforgivable. Besides, you showed your true colours after it.”

Vai dodged Con’s attacks, only occasionally going for strikes of her own. All that mattered was that she bought Maphira and Rylee time. Her getting out of here alive was secondary.

Despite all the solar energy that powered Bender, Cole was putting up a pretty good fight. Maybe he’d even win if a few things went his way. Currently, Cole had Bender pinned on the ground, slamming his fists into the robot’s chest repeatedly. Then Bender jolted, throwing Cole off him, suddenly at the advantage again.

“You cannot defeat us,” Dr Con said with a sly grin. “The Conclave of Mechanists shall rule this world without challenge.”

“We’ll see about that,” Vai said, as she shifted and began a lunge toward a new target: Dr Dark McBane.