Bathtub Converting Conversion

‘You want to do what to our bathroom?’ I frowned at Harold, slipping off his bunny slippers.

‘Not the bathroom,’ he protested. ‘Just the bathtub.’

‘My mistake,’ I nodded. ‘You want to do what to our bathtub?’

He rolled his eyes, swinging his legs around and ducking the under the warm covers.

‘I just think it would make our lives easier, is all.’

‘By mutilating the tub?’ I raised an eyebrow.

‘You’re in a dramatic mood this evening!’ he chuckled. ‘No, it’s just taking a little bit out of the side. Maybe adding a handrail.’

‘Where did you get these ideas to modify a bathtub for elder people? Sydney?’ I frowned, slipping my bookmark into my book so he knew I was serious.

‘I saw it on the news,’ he shrugged. ‘A lot of people are doing it.’

‘A lot of old people.’

‘I hate to break it to you, darl,’ he smiled at me, ‘but we aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore.’

‘Excuse you,’ I slammed the book shut. ‘I do pilates.’

‘Because a doctor told you to!’ he laughed. ‘Because we’re old!’

My mouth fell open in shock, and I ripped the covers away, stepping into my own bunny slippers in as much of a huff as such an action could allow.

‘Beth,’ Harold sighed from his side of the bed. ‘Beth, where are you going?’

‘I’m not sure,’ I huffed. ‘Maybe I’ll go have a bath, before you go and do any bathtub modifications for senior citizens to it!’

‘I promise it’ll only make your life easier!’ he called after me, but I’d already stormed out of the bedroom. My grumpiness drove me to the bathroom after all, and I decided to make good on my threat.

I flicked the hot water on, steam filling the closed bathroom, and I took a deep breath of it in. Calmer now, I lifted my leg to get it over the rim of the bath.

Lifted my leg… just a little bit higher…only have to…

‘Dammit,’ I sighed.