We Love Decals

Woohoo! Great news! My housemates and I have finally settled on a type of art that we all like. It took us well over a month of looking through various wall decal styles to find something that we could agree on. Because we collectively liked the piece so much, we’ve decided to get in contact with the glorious unicorn wall decal artist to see if we could get any pieces commissioned. We know it’s likely a long shot and that’s completely fine if the artist can’t. We’re only asking because it’s the only style all of us have ever agreed is nice and we need more than one piece of art to make our house feel full and lively.

Even if that artist can’t create more wall decals in the same unicorn colour scheme and style, we’re going to buy the unicorn wall decal that is currently on her website. It’s just stunning! We’re going to hang it in the entrance hall of our home so that it’s the first thing people see as they walk through the door. Collectively we take great pride in our home and try to keep it looking really good at all times. We’ve even been told on more than one occasion that our house is the nicest smelling house in the world. Put simply, we really care about our home and all of us love it very much.

If the wall decal artist can’t commission us some additional pieces for our home, I might suggest that we get an Australian botanical wallpaper installation as a feature wall in our living room. We are in desperate need of burst of colour and I think it’ll be exactly the style we’re looking for. Well, it’s the style I’m looking for. I’m not sure if the other girls will be overly happy with it. But hey, I can only ask! At least we’ve found one piece of art for the walls.