Mary’s Scapula Story

Hey everyone,

So pleased to see this forum kicking back into life again! Although I wish nobody had to deal with any of these terrible shoulder issues, it’s very nice to hear from everybody!

I had a bit of a run-in with shoulder trouble recently – my scapula, to be very exact! (Everybody who’s ever had a scapula issue just clutched their shoulder and made a face, I promise you!) I collected mine in a little carpark dust-up, where my poor little Hulkswag’n got swiped while I was reversing. Can you believe it!

So long story short-ish, I ended up having to come see a trusted shoulder surgeon in the Melbourne CBD who looked after me before, during and after my recovery. (I was glad to hear you had the same treatment Sheryl, although we must have had different doctors – my angel retired a few years before your rotator cuff injury.)

Anyway, the scapula itself is apparently a pretty big bone – a big bone, in the shoulder! Who knew?! That meant that in order to fix my scapula fracture fixation (wordy term, I know!) they had to use a few different metal plates and screws to make sure everything stayed in the right place, where it was needed. How they know where the right places are is absolutely beyond me, but that’s why I run a knitting club and they run an OR.

So just a few simple cuts on top of the shoulder (as well as a little arthroscopy just to make doubly sure where the fracture actually was) and I was ready for their magic. Then just a day of recuperation and observation, and I was up and out of there!

If any of you dear readers (omg I’m being such a Karry right now!) have had something similar happen to you, don’t worry! We’re all here for each other, and we support each other one-hundred percent!



P.S. – R.I.P. to Nellie – the best little car I ever owned.