Body Conditioning

‘Is it getting hot in here?’ I asked, wiping some sweat from my brow. My co-driver, Maurice, laughed.

‘Good one.’

‘What?’ I frowned.

‘“It’s getting so hot in here”,’ he chuckled. ‘Nice joke.’

‘I wasn’t joking,’ I said, confused. ‘I thought it was getting warm.’

‘Joe, look out the window,’ he gestured behind me. ‘Of course it’s getting hot in here.’

I glanced through the small pane of glass, and the volcano we were rapidly approaching. Our research vehicle trundled along the rock, tires bouncing as we got closer and closer to the edge.

‘Isn’t that concerning, though?’ I asked, frown deepening. ‘Shouldn’t the air conditioners have kicked in already?’

‘I guess,’ Maurice shrugged. He grabbed the radio and sent the question down to HQ. Nothing but static came back.

‘Well, that’s definitely not good,’ he mused.

‘When was the last time this thing had a car air conditioning service? Toowoomba?

‘I’m not even sure it was serviced then,’ Maurice shook his head, reaching over to grab the logbook from where it was attached to the wall.

We climbed higher and higher up the mountain, and now even Maurice was sweating.

‘What if it’s not going to be strong enough?’ I asked, starting to panic, years of endurance training undone by a few droplets of sweat. ‘What if we aren’t prepared for this road trip after all?’

‘Look here,’ Maurice gestured at a page in the middle of the logbook. ‘It was serviced when we took it to that auto shop, with the best car mechanics servicing the Toowoomba area. We’re in good hands.’

Seemingly satisfied, he slammed the book shut and shoved it back onto the wall.

‘I know they’re the best,’ I said through gritted teeth. ‘I’m just worried about the—oh, wait a second.’

I reached down and flicked on the AC button. Immediately, cold air began to fill the cabin.

‘Oh, that’s much better,’ I nodded. ‘Never mind.’