Internet And Gaming

Over the last year or so I’ve really started getting into gaming. I used to have a very amature set up but for the last few months I’ve slowly started improving it. I’ve purchased a really high quality monitor and a highly rated headset so that I can start getting more precise with my gaming.

To take my gaming to the next level, I’ve decided to have technicians come in and perform a TV wall mounting service. In the Melbourne area gamers who have their monitors attached to the wall do significantly better than players who just have their monitors on a desk. My terminology might be a bit confusing for non-gamers but essentially a monitor and a TV are the same thing. I’m just referring to the screen of the TV, rather than the satellite and all of that fancy stuff. I’m sure non-gamers can relate to how much better it is to watch a movie on a large TV screen placed in the middle of the room with surround sound compared to watching it on a laptop or on a desktop. It’s just a much better experience and that’s the same for gaming.

One thing I also need to figure out to improve my gaming experience is how to fix slow internet. I absolutely hate when my internet is dodgy and my game lags. For non-gamers, a laggy game means a game where your character isn’t moving/responding the way it should be because the internet connection isn’t strong enough. It is absolutely detrimental to the game play and can cause you to die significantly more often than if you don’t have a laggy internet. A lot of gamers like to pretend that their internet is laggy and claim that is the reason why they’re playing bad. I’m being fully serious when I say that I’ve died because I’m laggy but because it’s used as an excuse by so many people, no one really believes me. I need to make sure my internet is fixed ASAP.