Hiring a Designer

Designing a bathroom is so difficult. I’ve been trying it for about four months now and it’s still not good enough to actually start the building and renovations phase. I thought I could do it myself, but apparently, I thought wrong. I guess when I decided to renovate I was mostly thinking about the colour of the walls and the lights I would get to make the shower water turn rainbow. I wasn’t thinking about the smaller stuff like shower grout or the plumbing that pairs with the bath.

I am now thinking of hiring a bathroom renovations expert. Melbourne has a few of these, and some of them are very high profile, having regularly appeared on television. However, I imagine those people would be quite expensive to hire, simply because they are in such high demand. But perhaps it is necessary to do such a thing if I am to create the bathroom of my dreams. And I guess, why else would I have saved so much money for this particular renovation if I wasn’t meant to spend it on the renovation itself? Perhaps if I get a proper renovation and bathroom design done, when I eventually go to sell my house it will sell for a lot more than it otherwise would have. The bathroom designers will definitely be worth it in that regard, so I suppose it makes financial sense for me to employ them.

Additionally, it would save me the hassle of messing something up by doing it myself and potentially causing even bigger and more costly problems. I can still take control of the design and offer advice, while they take care of the logistics and technical aspects. I really cannot wait for it all to be completed! It’s going to be so much fun using my new bathroom. I can tell that it’s really going to help me get ready in the mornings and keep me feeling relaxed in what is usually a stressful and hurried time.