Conveyancing, Then What?

When Rylee woke up, she only had a few papers left to go through. She could have sworn the stack was taller before she’d nodded off and had her warm and fuzzy dream, but she wasn’t going to complain if some of the conveyancing paperwork had decided to send itself into the next life.

She still had the furniture to deal with, lined up neatly in front of the desk she worked at, but she suspected that all the objects wanted was to be used one final time. Yawning, she took up her pen once more and moved on to the next piece of paper, about conveyancing for properties in Richmond. It was easy enough to get done, especially now that she’d had a good nap.

As she worked, Rylee wondered what would come next for her, other than weeks in rehabilitation for her broken leg. After that, did she want to get back into the property game, or did greater adventures await her? Provided Maphira and Vai managed to the job done on their own, that was.

Those two certainly confused Rylee, in terms of her dream, at least. Apparently, Maphira probably wouldn’t want a relationship of any kind. But in her dream, she had been with Vai. Perhaps it was more of a platonic thing, with them living together as friends – although it would probably be hard for Vai, Rylee could see that working.

The pile of papers grew smaller yet, and Rylee realised she couldn’t see herself going back to being someone who worked in real estate, even if it was specialising in property conveyancing. Sure, she’d spent a lot of time learning property law so that she could get into it, but it had simply been something to keep her profile low in those early years of the Conclave’s takeover. If that was over, then wasn’t it time she find something more exciting to do with her life? 

The question was: what?