Apparently I’m Destined for Welding

Apparently, the my ideal career is a barista at a five-star restaurant. Not…exactly what I expected from this careers test. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? On the one hand, it’s not like I’m ever going to be a businessperson, or go to the moon, or invent some sort of machine that automatically cleans and refills cat litter. You know, stuff that’ll make an impact and have me remembered.

But then…it’s a five-star restaurant. I could’ve been a barista in a one-star restaurant, or a greasy cafe where the cappuccinos are made by pressing a button on a machine. So that could be a lot worse.

At least they gave me options. I could be a professional cabinet-maker, or I could do stainless steel marine welding in Melbourne. I’m seeing a trend of doing things with my hands, whether it’s whipping up world-class coffees or making fishing rod holders and crafting plate alloy boats. Honestly, I think I’d rather the third option. I reckon I could go home and tell my parents that I do marine welding for a living. I could go to a bar and meet a nice girl and proudly tell her that I do stainless steel welding, down at the docks, with the boys. You know how it is…it’s a manly career that nobody could look down upon, because you do important stuff with fire and sparks. It’s a rewarding job that is well respected because of how difficult and dangerous it seems. 

But then, people do like coffee. Coffee and cabinets, two things that are generally beloved, whereas boats are more of a niche activity.

Crazy though it may sound, I might just take a fourth option and do something that ISN’T working on plate alloy boats, snapper racks and cappuccino art that’ll please the finest of diners. But that’d be silly. The careers test has spoken.