What are you going to do next?

Melbourne dog walkingI have pretty much stopped socialising now. Every time I went out I ended up having the same conversations with different versions of the same people. It always centered around what we were going to do after our final year of university. The doctors and lawyers are all sorted. The corporate sell outs all have jobs making the rich richer and feel very pleased with themselves about it. The do-gooders have flights to Africa booked and are ready to make very little difference at all. Leaving me. I had no idea what to do. I had applied for some part time work with a dog walking service based in Melbourne but it’s not currently intended as a career. Dog walking appeals to me quite a lot right now, I get to spend time outside, have little contact with people and meet loads of adorable dogs. It’s doing something good for society and keeps me active.

Maybe I will pursue it as a long term goal. The degree then may be slightly irrelevant but university was more for the social anyway! Anyway to save myself telling people that I do not have a graduate job lined up and am not planning to travel to the world to find myself I have just stopped talking to people altogether. I’ll deal with my parents because they’ve settled for my canine aspirations and every once in awhile, if I do have to exchange words with someone on the topic, I make up an elaborate lie about my upcoming internship with NASA or my acceptance into a rocket engineering phd. Perhaps being a dog walker, Melbourne is quite glamorous, it’ll be like working on rocket ships. I have a feeling it may be slightly more realistic than that. Although I haven’t technically got that job either yet. I might try and just tell people I am working on creative projects and leave it at that.