The school gets a bit of a makeover

tile cleaningI’m not really sure what’s happened, but something must have because the school has finally cracked. For pretty much the whole time I’ve been going here, the place has been in need of some serious renovations. Not just a paint job here and a good scrub there – the real deal. They needed to employ a bunch of people to come in and spruce the whole place up. Ugh, you should have seen what a state the bathrooms were in – it was simply ghastly! Well, it might have been pressure from parents, the school board, a government, a student (I guess there’s really no way to know for sure) but they’ve finally decided to do something about it.

Standing at the gates yesterday, my friends and I bemusedly watched a brigade of tile and grout cleaning people from Melbourne trudge in, looking hilarious in all their gear. We weren’t the only ones watching, either, there was actually quite a crowd gathered. I guess, when any a group of people that size enter a school it’s always going to create a bit of a fuss. In any case, what was funny became considerably less so when we discovered that having a troop of high pressure cleaners lurking around the place meant it was going to be nearly impossible to find a bathroom not in the process of being scoured from top to bottom. It meant that, if you needed to use the bathroom, it became a quest to find one. Of course, if you wanted to miss out on a little bit of class, this was quite a useful excuse, but for the attentive student like myself, it was nothing but a nuisance.

In any case, I’m sure all the confusion and delays will be worth it once the bathroom looks how its makers originally intended it. I just wish they’d thought to do this all sooner.