Termites out + parents in = freedom

termite inspectionsEvery summer my parents insist I spend at least one week with them down at the beach house in Mornington Peninsula. I know how it sounds. Oh poor me having to go to my beautiful beachside holiday home and relax, what a tough life. The thing is, it sucks. The summers are for me. Finally my parents are out the way down the coast and I get the house all to myself! It’s luxury. I get to have friends over whenever I want and cook late at night without my mum going crazy. I love a late night grill session. This year, it’s all gone to pot. My parents have a major termite infestation at the beach house and I overheard my Dad saying that it looks like we’ll all be spending summer in Melbourne. No no no, my summer dreams of freedom suddenly dashed I became intensely involved in finding a solution to the termite problem. I went as far as arranging termite inspections in Mornington at the house so they could figure out the problem and get it sorted before the summer. They have been extremely grateful for my assistance but apparently I am completely transparent.

My mum has already told me that even if the problem does get sorted I will either have to be with them at the beach house or staying at my grandparents place in Cranbourne. Oh good lord this has backfired. She has figured me out. I considered calling the pest control company in Mornington to cancel the appointment for the termite inspection but figured that would only put me in an even worse position. Hopefully the problem will be sorted and I can win over my grandparents to get them to tell my parents that I am indeed staying with them when actually I will be cooking up steaks for my boys at 2am after a heavy drinking and movie sesh. Plan.