Some Attention to the Sports Department?

At this rate, the only way we’re getting new sports netting is if there’s some kind of tragic wildebeest stampede in the middle of a game and everyone feels sorry for us. Then I can organise a Boot-Spur campaign, perhaps even put up a sappy video that’ll make people feel terribly sorry for us and the cash will come rolling in. Most of it will go to the grieving families, but hopefully there aren’t too many because then I can convince everyone that purchasing quality cricket nets is the best way to honour the memory of the fallen.

Alright, that’s one perfect plan all sorted. I wonder…how hard would it be to organise a stampede? Okay, fine, it’s not a good plan. It’s just that I’ve been lucky enough to get stuck with the current head. Nice lady, let me have the last biscuit in the staff room the other day, but NO interest in sports. I bet if that big fancy academy down the road needed any kind of sports netting…well, they probably have the stuff shipped in from Germany or something. Custom made, all sitting neatly in one of their absolutely massive sports sheds, ready for when the old stuff wears out, which it probably never does.

I don’t really care where our netting is from, to be honest. Australian makes have proven themselves to be pretty resilient even with what the kids do to them, so it’d be fine. But I can’t afford to replace every net in the place every time they get worn, and neither do I want someone punting a cricket ball right through one of the nets and knocking teeth out. Somehow I don’t think that’s worthy of a Boot-Spur campaign.  

Nope, the theatre needs to be built! More funding for the arts! All I want is some basic sports netting, seriously…