My sister the beauty queen

beauty school MelbourneAllie is driving me absolutely crazy. She is so self obsessed, I don’t know how she has any friends because all she does is talk about herself. She is also only two years older than me but acts as if she has seen the world and knows everything about everything. I honestly can’t believe we came from the same parents. Her latest incredible revelation was that she is going to beauty school in Melbourne. Everyone is acting like she has just won a nobel prize but I mean honestly, the girl is going to be waxing legs and putting cucumbers on eyes. It’s like my plans to go to law school pale in comparison to Allie’s dreams of facials and hair removal! She is insisting on using me as a model and keeps pinning me down to do my makeup and exfoliate my skin.

She thinks she can just play with me when she is bored and then drop me as soon as a better offer comes along. It’s just so unfair and because she is the oldest she just gets away with it. I can’t wait until she goes to Melbourne to start her beauty course. Melbourne is a whole state away so that should be enough distance to finally give me some peace. Next week we are even having a ‘Allie got into beauty school’ barbecue to celebrate her amazing success getting into a non competitive course! When I became president of the law society at school my mum just about managed a well done and that was the end of that. It seems beauty therapy courses are the way to gain attention in this family. My dad has even started telling me I need to be nicer to her because she is stressed about the new chapter of her life and doesn’t need her younger sister driving me mad. I honestly feel like I live with aliens.