I need to be considered special

roof repairs in MelbourneOver the last week I’ve been trying to trawl through the maze of administrative websites and ‘how to know if you’re eligible for help’ forms and I am over it. The Victorian school board can suck it, I am “eligible” for special consideration and I know it.

About three weeks ago, I sat my final schooling exams. Like, that’s it, I’m done, it’s over, I’m free. Those exams. Any-who, during those two weeks of hell in the lead up to the exams, I had an unforeseen, external disaster. My studying effort was significantly hindered and I really struggled to make it through that period because of it, which should be the perfect grounds for special consideration, right? Well, apparently, needing roof repairs, in Melbourne, is not enough. Never mind that the rain flooded my house and subsequently all my clothes, notes, and made my computer virtually unusable for three days. Apparently that doesn’t really count for an unforeseeable emergency.

Really though, if that doesn’t count, what does? If I was in a car crash, would that count? Or would they just tell me that, really, I was taking a risk being on the roads during my exam period. With that logic, more or less everything turns into something that you should have foreseen and adjusted for. Which is just ridiculous. What’s the point of even having special consideration as an option if there’s no way to access that aid.

The fact that my parents haven’t quite gotten around to getting roof maintenance. A Melbourne workweek runs 9-5 five days a week, they don’t have the option to just be home during the day. It hasn’t been possible and there’s nothing I could have done to hurry along the process. Ugh, basically, the admin system is unfair and I’m sick of it. These bounce-back automatic response emails are ridiculous. I just want a drop of human compassion, here. Is that too much to ask?