Deep Muscle Stuff Might Help

Is it just me, or are school seminars getting weirder? I get it, the teachers are trying to do something more interesting. But, like…I’m trying to do VCE here. Unlike a lot of people I take my studies and free periods seriously, so having to go to a compulsory session where we get to meet a guy who does snake charming? It’s…interesting. But not THAT interesting, because I have a SAC coming up for biology and I’m still trying to wrap my head around cell division.

Cell division aside, I guess there was one thing that I found helpful. They brought in some guy who’d done a dry needling course in Sydney somewhere, which sounds really random, and it really was, but actually in the end was sort of helpful. Dry needling gets to the core of muscle problems, sort of like the ones we’ve been talking about in Physical Education. It’s supposed to be a doss subject, but I’ve been finding it sort of difficult since you have to remember a billion parts of the body and I just don’t have a memory for facts.

Actually, I think trigger points are mentioned somewhere in my textbook…have to look at that later. Anyway, the people organising VCE want to give us, like, some career options I guess? That’s why we keep having these seminars, in case we all leave school and want to get office jobs or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with an office job…I hear you get to eat loads of cake and there’s usually coffee, like, all over the place.

But yeah. Actually, the dry needling course guy sparked a lot of thought about muscles and deep tissue damage. Might not have gotten much out of the snake charmer, but I can definitely see this being helpful.