Me vs the rendering

rendering MelbourneIf you’ve read pretty much any article ever posted on this website, then you know that the public education system is in dire straights. From bursted plumbing, to ceilings that have caved in, to the constant building of new classrooms that never seems to ends, it seems like schools these days are more construction field than hubs of learning. I have to say, though, my school is no different. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having fancy new buildings to take my learning to the next level, but when you spend years dealing with the interruption of a builder’s drill in the background, isn’t it really your education that bears the hit?

Thankfully, that time is almost over. The new theatre building, which has been under construction for over three years now, is almost done. Just as I’m about to graduate, which let me tell you is classic. All that they’re doing now, though, is the rendering. Melbourne schools like mine have, I guess, a certain look they need to maintain. I mean, if you’re going to spend all that money on a place, you want it to look kind of expensive. But I just don’t get it. I’d so much rather be in the building, using the facilities we’ve all heard so much about, than outside watching it get another layer of render slapped on. They made such a big deal of getting acrylic rendering on a Melbourne school, it kind of feels like no one really ever stopped to wonder if it’s all really necessary. As a student, I can confirm that I don’t give a hoot whether how the building looks. Why couldn’t they just leave the brick and call it quits?  

I guess I’m just bitter, knowing that I’ve only got six months left in this place before I move on to bigger and better things. Still, the knowledge that this rendering is all that stands between me and using those mega-hyped facilities is really annoying me.