Futuristic tangents

hyperbaric chamberSometimes, at school, we learn about the weirdest stuff. I’m serious. You’d think by law or something, they’d have to teach us things like Hitler’s birthday and what a cell wall is, but sometimes teachers just decide to take matters into their own hands and go off script. My biology teacher is a classic – I swear, if I’ve learnt anything new about bio by the end of the year, it’s going to be by a minor miracle and through a hell of a lot of study because my goodness that man knows how to go on a tangent. One minute (usually the first minute he’s walked into the room) we’ll be actually covering the course, and next minute BOOM interesting life story.

Do you want to know what Dr. Munn went on a tangent about today? Portable hyperbaric chambers. Apparently, it’s the technology of the future, which is great and all, but I’m not really sure how that is going to help me pass my exams at the end of the year. I mean, I guess we did review the cell structure and respiration cycle by talking about higher levels of oxygenation, but still. We have new course content to cover, and we really just don’t have the time to go back and review random bits of the subject from three months ago right now.

On the other hand, it was pretty interesting, I’m not going to lie. Apart from the fact that Dr Munn is a kick-butt story teller, it was kind of cool to hear about new technology like a hyperbaric chamber being used in Melbourne. It kind of makes me feel like we’re at the forefront of all this stuff – that it’s cutting edge, you know? Which is kind of nice, because being a part of the future was the whole reason why I got into science in the first place. So even though it may not be that helpful, it was kind of nice.