The science behind concrete

Melbourne concrete renderingIs there anything better than getting an exchange student? It’s so exotic and interesting to have someone in class from a completely different part of the world. I mean unless they’re from some place that speaks the same language then it doesn’t really count. We got a new class member today and she’s from France. I know, I know, calm yourself and breathe. She is quite the head turner, I’ll say that and no more. I think she’s part of an exchange program because annoying Betty has gone missing and nobody seems to care. I’ll take that trade any day of the week. She’s such a kind and funny person, you can’t help but smile when she is around.

It’s funny when she mixes up her English words, our language is pretty crazy. My science lab partner was Betty, much to my annoyance. You know what that means right? Yep the exchange student is my science buddy for the compound minerals project. We’ll be researching the Melbourne concrete rendering industry. I’m prepared to work late hours, weekends, whatever it takes. I know quite a bit about concrete rendering but she doesn’t have to know that. I’m normally not a fan of presentations in front of the class but with an attractive lab partner on my side I think I’ll be fine. I can tell that Audette is struggling a little in class so I’m going to offer to tutor her after school. The language barrier must be difficult, thankfully I speak a little french. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by people who you can’t understand. Her English is pretty good but when I tried to explain about what goes into making concrete for rendering I could tell Audette was struggling. I’m happy to do most of the work for this project. My dad helped me get in touch with a few house rendering companies in Melbourne to get a better idea of what they do. I hope this project brings us closer together, I have hopes for a Summer fling.