Kid’s Parties, Bit of a Drag

Canberra birthday venuesIs anything more of a drag than having to be there at your sister’s birthday? For once, I rather just stay at school. I considered telling Mum and Dad that I had some kind of study emergency, but I don’t think they’d believe me. Mostly because I never study. Really wish I HAD studied before now, so I could use that excuse. But no, I have to be there to make fairy bread and…no other reason. Just because ‘family’.

Apparently it wasn’t good enough that I found an actual place to hold the party. Like, kids birthday party venues here in Strathpine aren’t exactl
y coming out of our ears, but Mum and Dad didn’t think our house would hold that many kids. Vicki is so annoying I can’t imagine she’d have that many friends, but maybe grade 3 kids nowadays all flock together like one giant ball of annoying and they all end up being friends. Plus it’s in the days when boys and girls can play together and it’s not weird, so Vicki probably invited her entire year level. Great. Just me and a hundred little kids. I’m just hoping I can either keep busy somewhere else or they just ignore me. I’m just some boring teenager who likes texting and studying and stuff, right? Why would they even bother me?

Besides, we’re having it at an actual party venue. There’s gonna be staff members doing the important stuff and keeping the kids entertained, so I guess I won’t have to do all that much. Just…make fairy bread. Man, kids are weird, the stuff they like to eat. Pretty sure at my parties I had carrot sticks and watered-down cordial. This is second child syndrome at its finest, seriously. And did I get any fancy birthday party venues around Canberra back when we lived there? Nope. Dinner with the family.