A stubborn father vs a passive aggressive child

Okay, I know it’s like holidays now and whatever, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get annoyed by things. The end of school for the year doesn’t mean I ascend to some higher plane, I’m going to continue to be as petty as I’ve always been and just try and stop me. Oh, and believe me, I have a lot to be petty about.

For one thing, I feel my train of thought wandering dangerously off course, even as I sit here and write this, due to that incessant hammering. It’s been going on for what feels like forty days and forty nights (although between you and me that may be a bit of an exaggeration). Looking out my window, I’m just about paralysed with horror at the sight of the massive red gum in our backyard inches from breaking through into my bedroom.

For the last six months or so, my father has had his heart set getting rid of that monster of a tree on his own. He doesn’t need to hire a tree removal company in Brisbane or anything crazy like that, no siree. Instead, he’s going to do it all on his lonesome. He’s such a stubborn fool, and despite the fact that he’s making a colossal mess of the whole thing, he doesn’t seem capable to just take a bit of a step back and look at it all objectively. Nope, he’s just going to let the darn thing plough through my window instead.

Being the passive aggressive soul that I am, I decided to take it upon myself to contact someone who is a seasoned professional when it comes to tree felling. Brisbane, as it so happens, has no shortage of excellent arboreal removalists, and during my conversation with them, I realised the red gum removal could be achieved for a reasonable price. All that’s left now is to convince my father to abandon his insane vendetta.